Citações de dois de meus ídolos , que superaram dificuldades extremas para que a vida e música sempre fossem presentes, mostrando todo seu amor pela nossa dama elétrica de seis cordas e sua força ....

"The Guitar can express a musical flexibility

Dangerous and sublime
Orquestral and noisesome
Vocal and percussive
Settling and angry
Impossibility vast and painfully point
Veiled and clear
Cloudy and pitty
And so deppely and etcetera…"

David Torn

"20 years ago I thought I knew my purpose in life.
I could hold it in my hands.
It had six strings and a body made from a tree.
It was alive like a storm.
It flooded all my pleasure and pain down a river of music.
It was my friend and my very Soul.
It was my Guitar.

Then one day
it began to leave me.
It got heavier and slower
until I could not even pick it up anymore
and the music died.

Until I realized
the music was not just in my guitar.
It was in my heart."

Jason Becker aceitando um "lifetime award" da GP Americana

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